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In 2021 the CSCE aspires to be:

An ATTRACTIVE instrument for all the agents of the Basque cooperative movement, one that is USEFUL for the achievement of their common aspirations of ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION

Specifically, the CSCE wishes to:

  • To inspire all the agents that make up the Council, combining vision and capacity for execution.

  • To really be (not only according to law) the public-private consultation body for the Basque cooperative movement.

  • To provide a permanently updated definition of the cooperative movement.

  • To equip itself with the capacity to introduce the perspective of the cooperative movement into public policies, by means of a substantial development of relations with public administrations.

  • To contribute to the growth of cooperatives in the Basque Country, combining its own actions with influencing the actions of other agents (with special emphasis on education)*

  • To become a point of reference for Basque institutions and cooperatives, occupying a unique role in the promotion of the cooperative movement.

* In this sense, the CSCE wants to contribute to the objective that by 2030 the social economy will represent 20% of employment in the Basque Country.