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The CSCE-EKGK was established under Law 1/1982 (11th February 1982) which regulated cooperatives in the Basque Country, and was formally constituted on 28th January 1983.

During the first few years, it is worth highlighting the efforts made to make the structuring of a Basque cooperative movement possible. The CSCE-EKGK collaborated decisively in the setting up of the Cooperative Federations, and steps were taken aimed at providing it with an international presence at the highest level (in October 1988, the CSCE-EKGK became a member of the International Cooperative Alliance).

Between 1988 and 1991, the Cooperative Federations began their activity and, through these bodies, the CSCE-EKGK channelled the concerns and proposals of the cooperative movement in order to position the movement within the new competitive environment and establish its own cooperative identity. Once these proposals had been analysed with the collaboration of experts in cooperative legislation, a draft of the preliminary bill was drawn up, which gave rise to the Basque Cooperatives Act (Law 4/93).

The constitution of the Basque Cooperative Confederation in 1996 under the aforementioned Law 4/93 required the functions of the CSCE-EKGK and its internal organisation to be duly adapted. Both aspects have been contemplated, both in the regulatory texts that currently govern the CSCE-EKGK as well as in the Strategic Plan.

In 2009, on the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Council's constitution (1983-2008), a book was published compiling the "History of the Higher Council of Cooperatives of the Basque Country 1983-2008” (PDF) which summarises the most important milestones of this period and provides a graphic support that helps to make some of its protagonists visible.