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Complementary conflict resolution is the term used to describe the out-of-court methods that can be used to help resolve the conflicts that arise in any cooperative coexistence.

Bitartu offers cooperatives and cooperative members a guidance service for complementary conflict resolution in which a legal advisor will assist you.

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Bitartu Conciliates

Conciliation is a non-adversarial mechanism for the resolution of disputes by means of which an agreement is reached in a hearing at Bitartu. Bitartu may even propose the agreement itself.

In conciliation procedures, Bitartu will act as a third party. The parties find the consensus required to resolve the conflict in the presence of this third party.

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Bitartu Mediates

Mediation is a system of assisted negotiation, whereby the parties involved in a conflict try to resolve the dispute by themselves with the help of Bitartu which acts as a facilitator and conduit of communication.

In mediation procedures, the conflicting parties resolve their differences by reaching an agreement themselves with the help of a neutral third party: the mediator. Bitartu will facilitate the choice of the professional for the mediation.

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Bitartu Arbitrates

In using arbitration as an out-of-court dispute resolution tool, the parties submit to a regulated procedure and entrust Bitartu with the appointment of an arbitrator who will make a binding decision for both parties by applying law or equity, thus putting an end to the dispute.

In arbitration proceedings, the parties agree to submit to the decision of a third party. This third party acts as an arbitrator and is appointed by the Higher Council of Cooperatives of the Basque Country.

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